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Type J visas are offered to people who wish to study and work in the USA or who are part of a visitor program offered by the government or other institutions. These programs may be sponsored by a non-profit institution accredited in the Exchange Visitor Program. Visitors who are entitled to a J visa are those who come to the United States to study, receive training or demonstrate some special skill. The J visa is for students who need some practical training that is not available in their home country and this training must be linked to their academic program. J visas are also offered to anyone interested in going to the USA to work as an Au Pair and for that, the applicant must meet some specifications.

In order for you to understand exactly which type of student visa is the best for the activity you intend to perform in the USA, it is best to have the help of a specialized lawyer. We at Clasen Immigration Law have a legal team that can help you in all stages of the process so that you can enter the United States without any problems.


M visas are offered for non-academic studies or vocational training. Those who get the M visa cannot work while they are taking the course.


The F visa is issued to foreign students who are participating in an academic program or even programs to learn English at schools or universities.